About us


Our Story

Highland Wagyu was born in 2011. The story starts in the Ochills of Perthshire where a husband and wife thought “why don’t we breed Japanese Wagyu in Scotland? we’re not farmers but why not , after all , all thats needed is a bull and a cow “. 7 years and 2000 head of cattle later, Highland Wagyu bring you some of the finest Wagyu beef in Europe  under the umbrella comes the fullblood (pure) wagyu to match its Japanese counterpart. Wangus and friends, a collection of wagyu sired native crosses, be it Angus, Highlander or Shorthorn each with a different character, a more beefier wagyu to suit the European palette.

Highland wagyu barn

The beef is produced with love, the animals matured and fed slowly to reflect the Scottish countryside in flavour. They are fed and bedded by hand, we even go as far as playing music to them. This is all done because we believe that happy cattle produce better beef.